Just wrapped up this little project, just in time for near record highs and no snow forecast for nearly a month. Still, I’m pretty excited to get this done.

I’ve been wanting to mount a ski on the front of my 3 wheeler ever since the first winter I had it. With a set of snow oriented paddle tires on the back it goes through an impressive amount of snow, but eventually the front tire sinks in, loads up, and forward progress comes to a halt. I’ve always thought it could do better.


I’m not the first person to mount a ski on the front of a 3 wheeler, but I was never super impressed with the home built ones that I’ve seen. I’ve always wanted to build my own, and make it better than what I’ve seen before. The biggest hold up was finding the right ski. The skis I found were either smaller than I wanted, or very expensive. That was until I happened to be in my old college town during what we affectionately call junk days where, conveniently, four brand new skis were laying by the curb. I grabbed my two favorites, roped them to my Sportster in the sketchiest manner possible, and made my way back to a friend’s place in town instead of riding the 60 miles home with two skis loosely tied to my saddle bags.

From there is was as easy as coming up with a design, and having the parts cut, which being an engineer with access to CAD and a laser cutter was pretty easy, and free.

With the design complete and the parts cut I mocked everything up, stuck it all together with my crappy flux core welder (wish I would have just tacked it and had a professional finish weld), and mounted it on the trike. I think it looks fricken awesome. (It has since been taken back off and painted white, and is ready to go back on)


Being an engineer there’s already changes I want to make to the design, but I’ll see how it performs and go from there.


All that’s left is to wait for the temps to drop, the rivers and lakes to freeze, and the snow to fall. I can hardly wait.

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