Patrick George Appreciation Thread

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As many of you know, Patrick George, the EIC of Jalopnik, is stepping down today from the company to take another position at another group. Even though he’ll still be around at his next gig and on Twitter, I feel a bit emotional about his move. Not like crying or anything, just more emotional than “meh”.


Why, you ask? Because Patrick George has been at worst instrumental and at best paramount in keeping OppositeLock safe from those that wanted to nix the site. If you’re reading this, thank PG for being able to. If any of your past posts had been cross posted to Jalopnik (a huge honor, as far as I’m concerned), thank PG. If you feel a sense of community here, thank PG.

So here’s to you, Mr. George! Thanks for being a great guy, a great boss, and a shitty Camero driver. Cheers, and Hook ‘Em.

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