Jalopnik Editor-In-Chief Patrick George returns to the virtual studio, despite his disappointment that The Untitled Car Show is still untitled. Ike talks with him about the demise of Gawker, Jalopnik’s purchase by Univision, and the effect the ordeal has had on Jalopnik. They discuss competition with other sites like The Drive, how he would out-Roadkill Roadkill, his favorite articles from the past year, why the Subaru BRZ has plenty of power, and asking himself “Am I driving this place into the wall like it’s a Camaro at Belle Isle?” His words, not mine!

Autonomous cars are a contentious subject these days. Ike and PG discuss the numerous challenges electric and autonomous cars, from charging infrastructure to weather to potholes, how they’ll work in rural areas as opposed to cities, similarities to the shifts in thinking when the car replaced the horse and walking, and how the machines will kill all humans by being cute. They also talk about the promotion of Andrew Collins to Reviews Editor, and the future of writing and video on Jalopnik. “We have big shit in the works,” says PG. Finally, we hear about how Mitsubishi brought great sushi to Illinois, the real story behind his two first names, and why Kinja doesn’t suck anymore.

(Text by Justin Hughes)

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