I’m always surfing Craigs and lately Facebook Marketplace, and found a 1995 Bentley Brooklands with low miles (125k) that looks to be in excellent condition for $10.5k. I have to do some research into the service history of these cars, and my initial thought has always been that parts availability could be problematic and cost is probably pretty steep but there’s something cool about an old Bentley for what sounds like short money. (not those wheels though; they’re hideous) I realize this has the potential to be a money pit, but it doesn’t have the same kind of over-engineered systems like you see on German cars and the 6.75 is a pretty bulletproof motor. I don’t mind turning wrenches on small stuff that breaks as long as the major pieces don’t go clunk. I’d like to own an interesting car that you don’t see everyday, but this might not be my dd. So, fellow Oppos, is this worth further research or am I just tap dancing on a land mine?