This morning, I saw 2 cars parked at the side of the road, with 2 gendarmes checking some paperwork. One car was a white Peugeot Partner, nothing unusual. The other car was a white MK2 Focus RS. Guess what car the cops were driving.

The interesting bit is how they got this car.

The former owner of the Focus was caught driving at 50+ km/h above the speed limit, he was driving under the influence of heroin, and without insurance.
That’s pretty heavy, but it was only after they caught him a second time at 50+ over the speed limit, under the influence, and without a license (it was revoked the first time) that they took the car.
Both arrests took place in less than 2 months.
It is now used as a “discreet” undercover car, used to catch people speeding, texting, or doing other illegal activities while driving.

At least it saves taxes I guess.