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For about the last year, I have been using Pay With GasBuddy which is a neat service offered by the popular gas price tracking app GasBuddy. It is completely free and offers a 5 cent per gallon discount on unlimited gas. I have been making use of this pretty heavily since I have moved to Southern California and have saved quite a bit of money. Just this past month, I saved almost $5!


Yeah that means I use a shit ton of gas but I do drive quite a bit so I am not surprised. This doesnt even account for all of the gas I have bought at Arco while driving places or other places that I have paid cash. My total lifetime savings (just this past year) represents $40.88/0.05 = 817.6 gallons of gas bought with this payment method. Scary to think about the amount of money spent on gas since just using the average price I have paid, that is over $3k. But anyways, clearly this means that saving even more money would be quite beneficial.

The new offer GasBuddy is pushing is for “Pay with GasBuddy Plus” which costs $59 per year ($49 first year signup discount) and saves 20 cents per gallon on up to 40 gallons per month. The catch here is that your 40 gallons per month do not roll over. So there is likely a minimum amount of gas to use or else you actually lose money on this deal. Ignoring the “introductory price”, the math works out as follows:

$59 per yr / 12= $4.92 per month, $4.92 per month / $0.20 per gallon = 24.6 gallons per month minimum to break even. So assuming you use more than 25 gallons per month, this is at least not a bad deal. Of course, credit cards that offer even 1% cash back or more are going to be much better deals but this is certainly better than just using my debit card!

Maximum savings is $0.20 * 40 = $8 per month, which is where they pull the $96 per year number from in the ad. Really since you are paying $59, that is just $37 per year but that is at least a better return on investment of $59 than my savings account can get me. Now that I have done the depressing math on yearly gas usage, I probably should look into rewards credit cards to see how much more I could save that way but I hate dealing with all of the fine print and “gotchas” of some of those cards. Plus if you happen to rack up any interest, you have ruined any potential savings really. This method is stress free and just saves me some money for free essentially. I just signed up and paid my fee. Looking forward to the savings today when I fill up on the way home.

Anyone else use pay with gas buddy? Curious to see if anyone has saved more than me!

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