I just refinanced this crumbling box that I occupy. But I’m always 1 month ahead on all my mortgage payments. So as a result, the refi did not reflect my latest payment (check cleared four days after I signed off on everything), so I get that all back, and my first payment on the new loan is due January 1st.

So I didn’t make any money, I just got money I already paid back which I can now wait a week or two and just use most of it towards my next mortgage payment. But... I’m gonna pretend it’s FREE MONEY! Because that’s how money works, right? I mean, I didn’t have it yesterday, now I have it today through no effort. Therefore: FREE!


Also, I can’t take much more of this: if I don’t buy a vehicle in 2020 I’m going to go fucking CRAZY. And since I’ve no budget and am unwilling to part with my existing vehicles, I’m feeling an ill-advised Return to Shitboxes era!


... But probably not :(

But maybe!

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