Paying the Rent on the Workshop (Made A Thing With My Wife)

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My wife’s running medals were cluttering up the house hanging from various sconces and shelves, so we decided that they needed a home on one wall. I like mini-projects like these, because I get to go hide in the workshop for a little bit and come out with something that makes my wife happy. As a bonus she then puts up with the workshop the rest of the time when it is full of old car parts and small engines in various states of disrepair. The letters are wood and were purchased pre-cut. We cut up some old race bibs and and attached them to the letters with clear coat. I drilled some pilot holes for the brass mug hooks and attached sawtooth mounts to the back. I also used stick-on felt furniture feet so that they sit parallel to the wall. I don’t really share her love of running - I prefer to drive and/or mountain bike - but I pretty happy with the final product.


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