Definitely needed cleaning :0

I don’t think I ever introduced my PC that browses Oppo, gaming and movie editing.

Built it in 2013.

Intel 2700K @ 3.5 Ghz 3.9ghz turbo boost (yeah I got a turbo :P) I over clock occasionally, but not lately.

Asus P8Z77 V Pro motherboard with USB 3.0, tablet control

8GB G Skill RAM 1333mhz 8-8-8-24

Zalman CNPS 120mm Omega CPU cooler

500GB WD Black HDD for storage. Samsung 840 Evo OS, games, etc

AMD Radeon 7870 1gz by XFX (been replaced by their free lifetime warrenty)

Seasonic 650w PSU gold rated with hybrid fan (only runs when it needs to, which I never did. Fan does work though )


NZXT fan controller and NZXT Hue LED system. I can make any color I want.

All in a Corsair Vengence V70 case.

Super quiet even with all 5 fans running.

All clean :D


One of the best PSU you can buy.


I use Corsair 120mm fans. Super quiet and interchangeable color rings.

Working on the computer :P


My station :D


Good photography place :P


NZXT Hue LEDs color changing GIF