Whats your desk set up look like?

I’m in the market for a stand up desk, probably getting an Autonomous desk. Looked at the Bekant from Ikea, its the updated Galant which is my current desk. Priced going to its sit/stand legs and the Autonomous desk is cheaper.

Current Set up

Just wanna see other peoples desks to get an idea for my next one. My Galant is going to my office, I need it’s larger area there more so than at home.

PC is a 6700k with an H100, 32gb ram,Strix 1070 with a NZXT G10 and H110 512gb 950 pro, 1TB 850 Evo, 6TB WD Drive for backups, and my home security feed’s DVR. Mobo is a Z170i Pro Gaming.


Just wanna get ideas before I go sit/stand, see if there’s a desk someone has that may work.