So here is the deal. My kids are wanting to play games other than Minecraft on their PC’s. I built some PC’s for them a while back, nothing special AMD Dual Core APU’s with R5 graphics. I was going to split up my current 7970's between them and get myself some new cards or card. So I went to go look at their computers to make sure they had room in the cases, I noticed the PSU’s did not have any 6 pin connectors for the GPU. I guess in my quest to find a good deal on PSU’s I overlooked that detail. Now I will have to buy new PSU’s for the external video cards.

Here is my question. I want to get them better CPU’s, but do I stay with the FM2 socket or go with the low end Ryzen with a new motherboard? Should I maybe reach a little further and get a Kaby Lake i5? I could get a decent APU with onboard 7850 graphics for around $120, a Ryzen for $160, or an i5 for $190. Will these other chips be that much better to warrant a new motherboard? They will probably still be stuck with my 7970's for at least a year after this, although a RX 460 or 1050 can be had pretty cheap.