PC wheel status: I'm going to need a cockpit setup.

Santa brought me a Thrustmaster TX, and today I finally got chance to set it up. Initial testing is highly positive, although after messing around with a Xbox one controller for so long I’m basically learning to drive all over again.

My computer is setup in the spare bedroom, so aesthetics aren’t a super high priority. Having to take the drawer out of my desk to mount the wheel was expected. With the pedals pushed back against the box and wall and an extra chair from the kitchen table, this set up works okay for now. I really like my rolling desk chair, but it rapidly became apparent it wasn’t going to work with the wheel. The feeling reminded me a lot of driving a street car on a racetrack, wherein the steering wheel is also being used to help hold you in place.


I think the answer I’m looking for is probably this:

Not too scarily expensive, and looks easy enough to move aside when I’m not “racing.” Any Oppos have experience in this department? I see the appeal in more dedicated cockpit setups, but I feel like I should probably factor in that most of the time spent on my computer is actually Oppoing and reading stuff instead of gaming. If I had to, um, lower my desk a bit to make my monitor at the right level, I’d probably be willing to do that to my old, cheap desk.

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