PC2: 488 Challenge Sounds Meh, Drives A-Meh-Zingly Well

Overall colour me impressed. Ontop of being ecstatic that both of Remo Ferri’s race teams are now in Project CARS 2 (I’m a Mosport local), the car is genuinely fun to drive. That fine balance of not having so much aero yet still plenty of power to be fun that you would expect from a single-make series. Mind you this car is hard to break loose with all assists turned off but if you treat it as a momentum car, you can have a heck of a good time. I would still have preferred a 991.2 GT3 Cup but given how SMS have handled Porsche sound files as of late, I’m equally contempt going back to Assetto Corsa for that particular craving.


On real world pace a 488 Challenge is on average a second slower than a 991.2 GT3 Cup car at Mosport, with both drivers being the top splits (Trofeo Pirelli vs GT3CAN Platinum). Taking BOP and track conditions in mind, here is some data from last year’s races:

Trofeo Pirelli 2 - 1:20.756 (Ludwig, 488 Challenge)

GT3CAN 2 - 1:19.780 (Hargrove, 991.2 GT3 Cup)

GT3CAN 5 - 1:19.905 (Hargrove, 991.2 GT3 Cup)

PWC SprintX GT - 1:16.673 (Bergmeister/Long, Porsche 911 GT3R)

IMSA GTD - 1:17.382 (Aschenbach/Davis, Audi R8 LMS)

I can 100% see myself revisiting this car time and time again, and all things considered it takes a nice place on the shelf of personal “best cars in the game” right next to the 991.1 GT3RS. While far from being an alien I can hold my own fairly well and the envelope of potential is vast with this car in its default setup.

Below are two highlight sessions. Once I got everything warmed up at the glen I could hit 1:45s pretty consistently on a full fuel load, and the Nord lap was one of my best to date in any car (I rarely take my chances on the combined layout) despite the shenanigans in the last sector. The latest update introduced some weird FFB on the gamepad and the front end felt numb in any car I tested, so I did my best.

Excuse the low graphics on PC as one of my graphics cards has died; captured on a gamepad and all within my first hour with the car.

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