PCH IS OPEN!!! Time for a drive!

Maybe this is not such big news to you if you live far from the West Coast, but being in Los Angeles with a Miata, this is like a dream come true! Part of the PCH (arguably the most scenic within a day’s drive of home) has been closed since May 2017. Considering I just moved here in November of 2017, I have been impatiently awaiting the road to reopen. To my surprise, the road has opened 2 whole months ahead of schedule! So a trip ASAP is in order.

I have driven this section of road twice now. First time was in a rental Ford Fiesta. I was a lurker on Oppo in 2014 though so I didnt make a post.

I know I must have taken more photos on that trip but it was before google photos worked properly so I will have to look for them elsewhere on my hard drives. I know I must have taken a picture of that Fiesta on the PCH somewhere. Sunset in Monterey was nice though!

Second time was in a Turo rental of a Mini Cooper S. A much better trip considering how fun of a car that was. Especially having a Manual made that even more special. But it still wasn’t my car. Although, it did remind me of home considering how much oil it leaked...

This time though, I am bringing my Miata! And anyone from the Oppoverse is welcome to join. We have an email chain going with the local Oppo community and I am sure driving the PCH is on others’ bucket lists as well. Shooting for a Saturday in August/September this year for an epic drive through one of my favorite places on the planet.

PCH near home is nice and surely scenic as well. But nowhere near as special as through Big Sur. I might even have California plates for this upcoming trip so I will really be settled in then!
This view for hours on end while tackling some nice technical curves. Sure there are more challenging and exciting roads, but none have anywhere close to this view.

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