The old DELL workstation I stole from my old job went tits up, so the wife and I spent some of our tax return to replace it and her aging laptop so she has a thing to DO WORK on and a thing the kids can DO HOMEWORK on.

Its nothing fancy, but its got a 1TB hard drive, 8 gigs of RAM, and a touch screen monitor. And HOLY BALLS the CD drive is flimsy as heck. Good thing it’ll probably never get used.


Took 2 damn hours to set it up thanks to Windows 10 upgrades and whatnot.

While I waited I went through her old milk crate of NES goodness and unearthed some gems:

$9.99... any offers? No idea if it works, the damn NES is MISSING the power pack/cord.


It might be at her grandma’s house, or its gone AWOL. I really want to play Super Mario 3, dammit. Maybe I’ll hit up eBay today and see what I can get one for.

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