Peak Box

A) I wanted to avoid spoiling my first choice. B) I wanted to give a shout-out to the Flex because box!

I was reminded by HHFP’s Land Cruiser post how much I adore the FJ-4x and FJ-6x vehicles, and how indifferent I am towards any of their successors. Since becoming a Jeep owner I have become a box devotee (arguably “box snob”), and I thought I’d look at some popular SUVs and try to pinpoint peak box for each.

(I won’t tackle pickups here, but I’d encourage someone who cares more about them to do so.)


Jeep Wrangler

This is a bit of a trick question. Technically peak box for the Wrangler predates it; the flat fender CJs were more boxy than anything AMC or more recent.

While David Tracy prefers the high hood of the CJ-3B, I’ll stick with the original CJ-2A as peak box.


Jeep Cherokee

This is easy. Whether or not you consider the Jeep Liberty to be part of the Cherokee lineage (it was named Cherokee overseas, after all), the XJ Cherokee was absolutely peak box, with all due respect to the SJ Cherokee that preceded it.


Chevy Suburban

It’s amazing to me that peak box for the Suburban arrived during its 6th generation. 6th! What an incredible heritage.

I am an absolute sucker for any two-toned box. Expect another piece on two-toned vehicles, eventually.

Ford Bronco

First generation. Was there ever any doubt?


Toyota Land Cruiser


I’ve long thought that if I had a dream driveway that could either contain a Wrangler/XJ combination or an FJ-40/FJ-60, I’d have a brutally hard time choosing. The Jeep driveway would probably win out just because the Wrangler would be less brutal on my bad back than an FJ-40, but still.


Because I distinguished Wrangler and XJ as two different vehicles here, I’ll give Toyota the same benefit of the doubt and call the 40 and 60 each peak box. Honorable mention to the FJ Cruiser that tried valiantly (but awkwardly) to reclaim that classic SUV heritage.

International Harvester Scout

Scout is tricky, in part because I don’t know much about them, in part because they didn’t change much over the years. Unlike the CJ/Wrangler series where I think, given 5 minutes or so, I could figure out each model blindfolded (yes, that’s a slight exaggeration), I’d have a hard time using Wikipedia to distinguish one Scout from another.


I saw what I think was one of these a few months ago, and it was sexy as hell, so I’m going with the Scout II Traveller.


Suzuki Jimny

Much like the Scout, I struggle distinguishing Jimnys, but I’ll go with the SJ30.


What did I leave out? Let me know.

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