Peak Car

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Cool piece from over-view, a site that posts daily top-down pics of the world.

I think that even if we haven’t hit peak car, and cars continue in abundance for decades to come, we’ve hit peak in terms of enjoyment.


Cars from now on will be more efficient, quiet, and rely on less human input than ever. We saw it with the move to SUVs and the move away from sports cars that’s been happening since the mid 90s. We’re seeing it with the decline of manuals in favor of CVTs and 8+ gear autos where the engine and transmission’s workings are less of the driver’s concern. And we’re seeing it with electrification and driver aids moving to self-driving.

Maybe Doug was right and the Carrera GT is the peak. Maybe Clarkson was right about the V12 Vantage like 10 years ago. Maybe every bloody journo, using the term “swan song” in endless click-bait has it right. Hard to say, but I think the moment has passed.

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