Peak Hill

Of course it is. The town of Peak Hill is on a hill with a peak on it. Or maybe it was the peak of the available hills in the district? I don’t know.

What I do know is that this now little town on the Newell Highway in mid western New South Wales, Australia once had some serious coin due to the gold mine that once thrived at the town’s back (or was it peak?). This is evident from the lovely old Georgian and Victorian municipal buildings and the clearly planned nature of the place.


These days it’s just a pretty little town for the trucks and the travellers to pass through.

And yet it has a secret...

Behind a fence, I don’t know the code and James Spader is busy...

...a secret pathway to anywhere maybe sitting in a paddock.

It also has stuff...


...stuff that I’d like to take a much closer look at. Which probably explains why it’s stuck behind a security fence. Since I’m hardly unique.

This happens a lot on the Newell

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