Photo: His Stigness

Roof rack you never use? Check. Euro plate under your California plate? Check. Mud flaps on a LOWERED car in Southern California? DING DING DING! Peak Hipster douchnozzle achieved!

It also has stretched tires, yellow fog lights (Euro as fuck bro!), no front CA plate, just the euro one, and an annoying exhaust.

Now, I know we try to be inclusive of those of different persuasions on Oppo, but these always crack me up. It’s like there’s a rule with Golfs, and other VW wagons, that if you want a roof rack you also need to have it lowered, and then have mud flaps. Or vice versa.

I do not get why people put mud flaps on lowered cars.

Nor do I get having a roof rack on your car all the time when you don’t need it. YOU’RE DRIVING A FUCKING HATCHBACK!