Peated Irish Whiskey? Yes, please.

The library drinking club is having a meeting tomorrow night, so after work today I stopped off to procure the requisite ethanol containing beverage. I prefer my whiskey to taste like biting into a burning chunk of peat, so Islay Scotches are my thing. However, I spotted this peated Irish whiskey.


I like my whiskey peated, and I’ve been to Connemara, so I was curious. I’ve never had a peated Irish whiskey before.

I had to test it tonight. You know, for science. At only 80 proof, it is plenty smooth. The peat isn’t as in your face as the Islay whiskeys I usually drink, but that smokey goodness is still there. It lingers on the finish after a smooth, buttery welcome. I declare it fit for human consumption.


I’m looking forward to sharing this bottle tomorrow evening.

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