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So a few weeks ago my power steering belt started squealing when ever I started it in the morning and it was cold, but would stop after about 10-20 seconds. I decided I should change the accessory belts, also worth noting, while it was squealing I’d lose power steering when making very sharp turns (like backing out of a parking space), but only while it was making the noise. Also the noise would get worse when the wheel was cut sharply, so I’m certain it’s the culprit and not the alternator or something.


Anyway, I procrastinated replacing the belts (figured I’d just do them all) until yesterday. By then it had gotten to were it’d squeal on start up regardless of temperature, but would still go away pretty quickly and I’d loose power steering with the wheel cut sharply and the belt squealing.

So anyway, the belt for the PS pump from rock auto was too short, I replaced the A/C and alternator belts, but put the old PS belt back on while I wait to return it, or whatever I wind up doing.

The odd thing is that after putting the old belt back on, the squealing is completely gone, even in the cold. However, now I always lose power steering during sharp turns, but there’s still no belt noise.

I just wanted to ask y’all if this is a sign that perhaps the pump itself is bad and not the belt? Although I can’t really wrap my head around why the noise would stop completely, but power steering would cut out more often.

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