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I have an opportunity to buy an 850 Turbo wagon. Black like the one in the picture but with a lot rougher paint. Roughly six months ago it had a new used transmission put in it after a local car lot bought it, I know this for a fact. I wanted to buy the car(since it was bought out from under me on CL) but someone else did before me. Just today I spotted this car in that same car lot’s junkyard/parts yard. So naturally I had to ask what was up. It appears the kid that bought it ran over a limb gouging a hole in the oil pan. The guy there said it would still turn over and run but very roughly. His prediction was that it needs new bearings. Now comes your part fine people of Oppo: How pricey is this to do on these and how hard is it? I believe I have a majority of tools require, and I have basic mechanical skills for the average car guy. Also he thinks the owner will let the car go for $500 if that makes a difference.


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