This morning, I had an interesting interaction with a fellow motorist. I was going through a busy downtown area in my small town, by which I mean the 1/2 mile or so on a single road that actually has some traffic. There are parallel spaces along the stretch in question, both sides. But “busy” is relative. There’s basically NEVER a backup of more than 30 seconds, for any reason, with few exceptions.

Today was a normal day. A delivery truck was blocking the opposing lane along a stretch of this main street, and I was not on the side being blocked. There were maybe 3 cars waiting behind the delivery truck, and I was one of maybe 3-4 cars in a line going the other way.

super MS paint representation of the Scene of the Incident

I had left a little room between me and the car in front of me, as I was turning just 100' beyond the delivery truck. Apparently it was just enough to allow this to happen: as I’m approaching the delivery truck, the guy in a new-ish Tundra (first in line waiting to pass the delivery truck) pulls out and takes up my entire lane to pass the double-parked truck. I had to stop pretty hard, and made the shoulder-shrug-hands-up “what?” gesture as he approached me. As he turned sharply to get back in his lane, he yells out his window “F—- YOU!”

I mean, what? I suppose if there was a long line of traffic in both directions, it would have been courteous for those in the unobstructed lane to alternate with the obstructed lane. But there wasn’t a line behind me - in fact there were no other cars immediately behind me. He just decided NOW was his time to take up my lane so he wouldn’t be delayed an additional 7 or 8 seconds, due to an obstruction in his lane.


Or was I being a jerk not letting him go, when there was no one behind me, and I was turning 100' later anyway?

If I had been in my old truck I would have loved to just keep going and force him to back up, which would have for sure been a jerk move. It sure seems like if there is no obstruction in my lane, I am free to travel in it and those in the obstructed lane have to yield to any and all traffic in the opposite lane.


What does Oppo think?