The 944 broke down for the 5th time in my ownership this morning on the way to work in a one-way road. Last time I broke down on a road (in the middle of an intersection during rush hour), I was honked at and yelled at and flipped off at by people who didn’t understand my hazardous plight. With 3 cars behind me, I was worried the same would happen again. And I was wrong.

Immediately, two ladies who were going for a walk, and the gentleman in the van behind me got out and helped push me onto the neighborhood side street. And another lady who was house-sitting at the house across from the car, offered me a ride to work, which I gleefully accepted as I had another mile to go and wouldn’t be able to walk or run for my life to get there on time. She gave me her number so I could periodically check up on the car every now and then, since I don’t get off work for another 9 hours.

I’m so very happy and blessed that I was able to be witness to some awesome people, and it goes to show that people today are very able and willing to help those in need and distress. Even if you’re a stranger, people can, and do give a damn about you. Even though the car is stuck where it is for now, my day has been made, solely because of the kindness of others.

What a wonderful morning. ^_^