Went to lunch with a coworker today. Small restaurant in East Austin. I ordered then excused myself to the restroom. It was a small, old-school affair with a single urinal less than a foot away from a single toilet. No partition or anything like that. Also no lock on the door. Literally as soon as I unzipped and started to go, an older man opened the door. Normally in this sort of situation the intruder would say “oops” and back out, waiting their turn. Not this fella. He waltzed in and proceeded to greet me, then dropped trou and cop a squat. I could have touched him with my elbow. I could understand if it was an emergency situation, but this geezer is sitting there with a copy of Newsweek and humming. And my GOD if I wasn’t engaged in an Austin Powers worthy leak myself, otherwise I’d have just cut it off and dribbled my way out of old guy’s fartmosphere.

So weird.

Who does that?