Work (carwash) has been slow during this week due to bad weather, but that didn’t deter one of our regular customers from coming in with his Volvo C70. Usually this guy’s car is immaculate, but today was a different story.

He came in for “The Whole Thing” wash. That wash includes running it through the wash (obviously), cleaning wheels, tires, vacuuming, windows and wiping down the entire interior. I pulled his car into my lane so I could begin work and everything was going well until I started wiping down the interior and noticed the massive blood stain on his passenger’s seat. Nearly the entire half of the bottom of the seat was covered in blood.

As you all would assume, blood is not something we mess with. If there is any, anywhere in the car, we don’t touch it. It’s a huge health concern. I cleaned everything in this man’s car, besides the blood stain on the seat. After I finished cleaning, I spun my towel on my finger to signify that his car was ready to go. He came out to look things over and immediately questioned me as to why I didn’t clean the “spot” off the passenger’s seat. I told him that “we don’t clean things like that here” and he started raising his voice at me. Neither he nor I explicitly stated that it was in fact blood, but we both knew exactly what it was. After receiving an earful from him, I called my manager over to take a look and deescalate the situation. My manager came over, I explained the situation and he was completely on my side. After, in the most polite way possible, telling the customer to get lost, the guy peeled out of the lot while screaming out his window that he would never return. Well, adios, brother.

After nearly two weeks of no work, this was a good way to spice up the monotony, even though it was an odd situation.