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“People are poor because they aren’t working hard enough”

My day started at 9:45pm Wednesday, when I left for the airport. Took a redeye to Atlanta for work and just now got home. Over the course of that day I spent 2 hours on commuter rail, roughly 5 hours on airplanes, roughly 6 hours driving, about 4 hours doing the on-site work, and walked twelve miles. If you sent someone from one of the banks who pay me to do this shit it would cost several times what I was just paid in accommodations alone but I’m the one making sure they don’t get fucked on this loan.

Also, no Road Atlanta because a) I’m poor and b) rental cars were $150/day when this trip was confirmed (for relevance, please cycle back to a).


I’m goddamn exhausted right now.

Illustration for article titled “People are poor because they aren’t working hard enough”
Photo: Me, doing some of that walking

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