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People are practically being black-bagged in Portland.

Buffer Image - Corvette C3 Convertible & Killer Queen
Buffer Image - Corvette C3 Convertible & Killer Queen
Photo: NKato

No matter where you fall on the political spectrum as an American, this should concern everyone very deeply. Trump’s Federal agencies are going out of control in Portland, Oregon.

There is only ONE reputable news outlet reporting on this. National news has remained absolutely stone-silent about this.

And what’s even more troubling? Those anti-government militias who made such a huge stink about liberty and the Constitution in regards to government overreach aren’t even speaking up about this, which shows an astounding-yet-predictable double standard.

If you live in Oregon, call the Governor. At this point I feel like the ONLY thing that can stop this absolute fuckery is the National Guard - send them in to corral the Feds and keep them from violating the Constitution any further.


Update; Check out this statement by acting DHS Secretary “Chad Wolf”.


Notice anything about the language...?

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