Cars in general really. Its disturbing the amount of people that tell me “I don’t know anything about cars. All I know is how to drive them and that they need gas.” Whats more dumb though, is that people literally have no idea what they drive. The following is an actual list of cars, fictional names that people have actually said to me when I ask them what kind of car do they have at work. they either get the year wrong, or string together makes and models that don’t exist. Every time someone said one of these made up cars I wrote it down because it was just too good not to:

  • 1985 Honda Fit: because we all know the Fit and CRX came to market at the same time
  • 1989 GMC Acadia: GM got a jump on the crossover craze early
  • 2010 Kia X:?
  • Nissan CR-V
  • Dodge Nissan: That’s it. That’s all they said. When I asked them the model they again said Nissan.
  • 2003 Plymouth PT Cruiser: Kind of makes since considering the PT was supposed to go to Plymouth
  • 2003 GMC Avalanche: This is another one that made sense to me in way. Was kinda surprised after I thought about it that GMC didn’t get a version of the Avalanche.
  • 2017 Buick GMC: Another one with this being all the person said.
  • Infiniti G45: If only
  • BMW Range Rover: Kind of makes sense since BMW did own Range Rover at one point.
  • 1961 Kia Rio: Didn’t know Kia had a small car in the 60's
  • 2010 Nissan Maxim: Dumb
  • 2013 Mercedes 450SE: Because the W116 went out of production a few years ago.
  • 2002 Toyota Honda Accord
  • 2003 Mercedes Kompressor: Guy got mad at me when I pressed him for the model and said “I just told you, Kompressor.
  • And lastly a real gem: 2018 Honda Rav4 Toyota Hybrid

Stupidity knows no bounds. I don’t get how people can just drive around in something and they don’t know what it is.


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