As someone who had to deal with suburban hysteria post-Sandy (as many of you on Oppo did as well) I chuckle/cry when I read people flipping out over a gas shortage when they have no reason to need 20 gallons of the stuff. I’m probably a terrible example as I walk to the train and ride to work, so I can go a long time before truly needing gas, but the gas shortage in the South is just the bread, milk and eggs shortage before a snowstorm of the North. People are rushing out to get it for the fear that if they don’t it’ll be gone when they do need it, but in reality, they are the one’s making it disappear. Oh, the delicious and rusty, iron knee. Why people think they need to drive 50 miles to fill the tank to ensure they have enough gas for 60 miles of commuting in a week in beyond me, but fear is irrational and in suburbia being car-less is essentially the second greatest fear after gluten, so practice your fear carefully.

Pictured, My Hurricane Sandy Hybrid so I could keep my generator running.