On my way back to school, I had just started crossing a street and saw a Rogue going pretty quickly towards my direction. I knew the driver was trying to steal my right of way and turn onto the street I was crossing, but since I was in the crosswalk already, I had the right of way.

I kept walking across, so the Rogue driver stopped and honked at me. I started walking slower on purpose and gave him my best death stare.

Oooooooooooooh, this made him maddddddddd.


But what really got him riled up was when I pretended to read and point at the numbers/letters on his license plate.

Idk why, I just randomly thought to do this, and it did exactly what I wanted it to do.


I looked back at the driver and he was livid now. He slammed both his hands on top of the wheel and then punched the horn again. I never stopped walking during this, so by now there was “enough” room for him to pass. He slammed the accelerator, went around me, and sped off.

Asshole, if you knew how to drive, none of this would’ve happened.

And if you’re going to say “But Scoob! What if they try to run you over!”, well, I never “confront” drivers like this. Usually, if someone does something stupid I just keep walking.


But this time, ooh, this was funny. I came up with this on the spot, and the guy got mad because he was so, so wrong.

TL;DR: I like being a colossal asshole to assholes.

Edit: Don’t worry, I know this was a real petty thing to do. I wouldn’t normally do this. It just so happened by chance that this was next to a hospital as well. No, I am not taking that for granted.