As you may know the mid-Midwest is getting pounded off & on by rain tonight. Well I just drove around one storm & right into another. Non related photo added.

As I got into the storm an oblivious woman driving with just the DRL on her cx-7 or the like. I tried flashing my brights as she just passed me, then the rain got really heavy and she basically disappears. I had to turn on my brights to see where she was, but then she brakes, and I pass her flash my tail lights about 8 times, then just give up & haul ass away.


5 or 6 of the next people I pass were going slow, in the left lane with hazards on. I guess they don’t understand that it makes it hard for others behind them to see with the water on the windshield lit up.

I also came up on a truck hogging the left lane, as I was passing another car I flashed my brights, he got over, then after I passed flashed his twice in what I would consider him being mad I suggested he mover over in the right lane so I could pass.

I’m here in Galesburg, IL safe from the rest of the dumb asses that are still out driving.

That dude had balls to park that car about an inch from the parking curb.