They must know that on Tuesdays I drive nearly an hour round trip after school, and that I must have something to keep me entertained while in traffic. So they selflessly stepped in and amused me with their antics.

For your convenience, let me summarize. In the first clip, the 4Runner and Tahoe blast through the red light from the left. Then the Escalade, who was preoccupied with their mobile device, doesn’t notice the green. It turns out, though, that it’s a good thing they didn’t go sooner, because the idiot in the silver Accord decides to try and engage them in a friendly game of chicken.

In the second clip, the C30 ignores the disappearing of the protected left light and cuts off oncoming traffic. Two blocks later, they get cut off by a truck. They then make a right turn at about 10 miles and hour, then nearly stop in two lanes for reasons unknown. It certainly wasn’t because they wanted to turn, because when accelerate and go to pass them, they assume I want to race and floor it as well, pacing me until I decide I don’t need to be going 50 in a 35. If they weren’t in a hurry to get somewhere, but also wanted to suddenly go from 5 to 50 in a 35, there can be no explanation other than they wished to keep me on my toes. Good on them.