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I got a call from my boss this evening after I left the office regarding a disgruntled customer. She called to cancel all of her trips for tomorrow and freaked out when she discovered that they had already been canceled. He didn’t understand what he thought was math in my comment, which read “PAX CXLD ALL TRIPS FOR THURS @ 2002/30". He wanted to know what two thousand two divided by thirty meant, and I had to explain that this was a shortcut for 8:02 pm on the 30th, like what we used in the commercial aviation world (except that it’s in local time instead of Zulu).

I remember talking to this woman yesterday, but obviously she doesn’t remember calling. Lots of apologies were given by him, although for what I don’t know since we did precisely what she asked for. OK, maybe someone could have called in and canceled her trips using her name but that’s highly unlikely. I can’t and won’t get upset over this (unless I get a write-up which I would fight) because it’s just another common incident when dealing with the mentally handicapped.


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