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My moms neighbor brought a brand new Chevy Bolt. With nowhere to charge it. Mind you, these are apartments. So this thing is parked on the street day in,

Illustration for article titled People buy EVs and do this (UPDATE)

and day out. Just sitting, until they can reach a charger to charge it. And the closest EV charging stations are 2 random ones at a Nissan dealership 4 miles away. I really do think some people go in blind with buying EV’s not realizing the differences in living with one on a daily basis it has. Or they honestly just treat them like ICE cars.

(Update: So my mom talks with this lady that owns this car from time to time. She told me that the lady doesnt work. Shes a stay at home mom who stays with the kids while the husband works but he has a Mercedes C300. She traded in Mini Clubman for the Bolt. My mom had asked her about it since she saw it was new and thought she had traded in the Mini for a Sonic. Apparently she says she traded it in because she was “tired of going to the gas station” and wanted something different. The real kicker is that she “charges it when she can” So she plans her errands around charging station locations. The cars moving every 1-3 days.)

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