I walk a lot. In fact, most weeks I walk about 30-40 miles between my afternoon walks in San Francisco and my weekend walks in the East Bay. That means I see a lot of two things: Shoe stores (because I run through shoes very quickly) and bad drivers.

Drivers I saw today alone:

1) Too busy eating a sandwich to look for pedestrians guy.

2) La-la-la-la-la-la if I close my eyes the red arrow is actually green lady.

3) Look left-look right-look left-look right. Never look at crosswalk or sidewalk.

4) Green, green, green, red. Oh red, I like red. That means I just need to pretend to stop before turning rig.... oh god there’s a person. Why is there a person crossing the street? Don’t they have a... oh wait, yeah, nevermind, walk sign.

5) And this thing. Which I feel is every bit as wonderful as it is terrible. Yes, I think that’s a CRV under there. Lowered, with tons of chassis bracing inside, enough writing on the windshield to block the sun, canards, front splitter, custom bumper and grill, flares, weird tire decals, custom hood, custom mirrors, custom sideskirts, god knows what else.