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People have been asking for this but did SCCA legalize-lite JDM cars for Autocross? (SM/SSM)

The november fast track has this segment in it:

Update the “JDM-spec cars” verbiage (in modified section) in 16.0.B.1.b to read as follows:

Cars identical to the US-market counterpart except for comfort and convenience modifications as allowed per Section 13.2.A



In Street Modified instead of excluding JDM-Spec cars it excludes cars that don’t suit comfort and convenience mods. So this rule now applies to ALL non-USDM vehicles. For example a euro E36 M3 would be banned. However if you have “jdm-spec” car that is right hand drive but the car in question is exactly identical to the USDM model can you run in Modified now? Think the Toyota Supra RZ or regular Savannah RX7.

I doubt it but I wonder if this means jdm engine cars that is only difference and the rest fitting in the modification of the class are legal now? Think 180SX if that’s the case. Also JDM MR2 which the difference in power is tune/ecu which is a legal modification in this class.

edit: Should mention these changes would take place in 1/1/2018.

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