I used to like camping, it was fun. Now I like to enjoy the nicer things in life such as hotel suites.

I don’t do holidays but I do rarely like to get away and chill somewhere nice such as a good hotel with my computer and well you guys and gals on Oppo. But most hotel rooms are dark and dismal and sitting in the foyer or restaurant by yourself with a computer starts to look pathetic after a couple of hours. So suites are great in that you have a separate living room and bedroom but I don’t pay full price, I shop around and look for deals and offers such as this place at £250 a night, got it for £90.


I’m 35 and I’ve come to appreciate relaxing when I can. Enjoy your camping while I enjoy my breakfast in bed.

It doesn’t even have to be flashy as normally you can get a two bedroom apartment for £90 a night also. All the amenities of home and a nice relaxing atmosphere without the hassle of having to build your room first.


I miss the camaraderie of camping but camping alone is not my thing.