And they inadvertently make me feel better about mine.

A friend of a friend recently bought a completely base model brand new 2017 Ford Escape. Why?

Well, he had a Kia Rio. The hatchback. Like this:

He decided he wanted a Scion xB, because he had one as a company car at a former job. So, he found one as a trade-in at the local Ford dealer. Test drove it, loved it.


But...they couldn’t approve him. Why? Too much negative equity on the Kia. They couldn’t roll it over onto a loan for the Scion.

Instead, they said if he wanted anything, he’d have to buy new. So, he took the Kia’s negative equity and rolled it into the loan for this:


Dude is starting out upside down on a totally base model Ford Escape, after being upside down on a Kia Rio for God knows how long.

Stresses me out just to think about it!

At least I feel less silly regarding my own car loan...