The Heritage Flight Conference is in town. Over the next few days you lucky bastards will see some of the most awesome aircraft ever flown by the United States Military.

This is an annual confernce that brings together the individual USAF Demo teams (A-10 East/West, Viper East/West, F-15East/West & F-22) and the civilian pilots of the Air Force Heritage Flight Foundation. They meet at Davis-Monthan AFB in Tuscon and practice for the upcoming show year. It's an opportunity to work out any bugs in the routine and to meet old & new faces alike.


A good friend and former co-worker sums it up best in a Facebook post today.

Pulling through the base gate and 3 P-51's just zoomed over my jeep at full speed, Johnny Cash playing on the radio. Life is good.


Reading that, and seeing pictures from friends still out on the flightline make me really miss that job sometimes.