People on here that have an automatic Subaru, do you run it with the FWD fuse in?

Most older automatic Subarus have a slot for a fuse that turns off the AWD, putting it in FWD mode. Although it’s primarily intended for when the car needs to be towed, or if a donut spare tire is used, some people run it in FWD permanently to get better gas mileage, and/or if there is ever any problem with the rear drivetrain.

Unfortunately, Subaru is too stupid to offer a button to turn off the AWD when not needed, and it’s also very thirsty because the AWD is on all the time. Most modern AWD systems are FWD (or RWD) by default, sending power to the other wheels only when needed.


You can’t do this in a WRX or STI because their systems are a little different. Even though they have the fuse slot, it won’t do anything. You also can;t do this in a manual transmission because they have a different AWD that’s not even electronic, but rather all-mechanical, and power is always 50/50 front-to-rear.

But in most other Subarus, you can do the FWD fuse trick. So, does anybody on here do it?

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