I can't say I've seen one of these in years, and I can't say they were too large a part of my childhood (because millennial). One of the last places I expected to see one is on a brand new Audi A4 Prestige parked at my tennis club.

So do people actually still use these or did I actually stumble upon a relic?

On a side note, soon after I took this pic, I got into my car turned it on, and gave it a second to cool down. In that time, an old couple in a 2005 beat Volvo V70 parked next me - within millimeters of sideswiping me (though there was nothing parked on the other side of them). While I thought the crisis was averted, she (the ppassenger) opened the door (in slow motion in my mind) banging my car in the process while I was sitting in the drivers seat.

As soon as she was out of my way, I got out to inspect for damage and politely let her know that she hit me (she actually was old enough that I believed she didn't notice she hit it). They both were apologetic and waited as I inspected for a dent.

No damage, but I felt kinda like a dick for calling out a nice little old lady.

That is all.