While I was walking home, a douchecanoe in one of these tailgated an SUV and sat an inch behind it at a stop sign (oh, how I wish the SUV rolled back). A pedestrian in front of me crossed and the SUV went. According to some weird thing called... THE LAW... I then had the right of way, so I started to cross and when I was less than a foot away from the Gibberish the douchenozzle floored it and tailgated the SUV again, like they were attached by an invisible magnet.

I was annoyed, and I tried to get over it. But less than 2 minutes after that incident, at another crosswalk with a stop sign, where I had the right of way, an old lady in a Camry engaged launch control (did you know Toyota equips Camrys with those now?) and grounded-to-the-ground past me, while I was already in the crosswalk. I turned on the “are you fucking kidding me” face as I stared her down. She smiled at me and gave me the thank you wave. Seriously?

So I was pissed off now, as my walk home from the subway station takes 10 minutes, but not even 3 minutes in I’ve been handed shit from 2 different drivers on 2 opposite ends of the cock-o-meter.

I don’t understand how people can be so inconsiderate. I get it if you’re in a rush to get home because Wednesday, but come the hell on, you’re not the only one trying to get home. And it’s not like you took the subway, you’re in a car with real seats and real AC and real air. And it’s a lovely +70° day today, why be a dick? The driving test needs to be revised.