The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration conducted an analysis of fatality data to determine if there was a relationship between a driver’s seat belt use, known as restrained (buckled) and unrestrained (idiot / not buckled), and factors such as blood alcohol concentration (BAC), age, license status, vehicle speed, etc.

The study concluded that:

Drunk drivers’ odds of driving unrestrained were four times greater than drivers who had no alcohol.

Speeding drivers’ odds of unrestrained driving were twice those of non-speeding drivers.

Drivers with invalid licenses odds of unrestrained driving were 1.6 times those of drivers with valid licenses.


I’m sure you’ll be interested to learn that male drivers’ odds of being unbelted are 1.41 times greater than female drivers. Men still carry a slight edge over women in the stupidity that is not wearing a seat belt.

Whether you’re running around the corner to the nearest Redbox or testing your rookie over steer skills on a track, there’s no excuse for not wearing a seat belt.


While the belt use rate is approaching 90% in America, it’s still sad that over half of the people killed on the road today, 52% using the latest statistics from 2011, die not wearing a seat belt.

While automakers and federal regulators ponder backup cameras and autonomous vehicles, a simple life-saving solution might be a simple speed-limiting seat belt interlock.


When I get into a car, like most of you, buckling up is a reflex. I don’t sit and ponder, “How will I reach my shaving kit on the passenger floorboard if I’m restrained” or “If this is mandated by the government does wearing it mean I’m allowing the government to impinge on my constitutional freedoms?”

Nope. I get in and I buckle up. Sure, I do this mainly to stay alive, but also to avoid the seat belt reminder. Those reminders are like Nancy Grace at a Katy Perry karaoke night. What? You didn't know Katy Perry karaoke was a thing? It sure is.


In the end it appears people stupid and careless enough to drive drunk are also careless enough to opt out of seat belts.

Can you think of a reason not to wear your seat belt?