Forgive me father for it has been two weeks since I last properly cleaned a car (quick detailed three but that’s all) and I’m having withdrawals.

I use a brand of products which are designed for purpose, no added scents to make it smell nice in the bottle and no added colouring to make it look good in a bottle, some added scents and colours actually compromise a product and so further engineering is required to then remove the actions of the scent or colouring.

A guy on another forum has said a serious company would scent and colour a product and engineer it out which would increase lead time on the product not to mention costs incurred which would then increase the product cost to recoup some of the money sooner while I’ve said why put it in to make it smell and look good to then have to rework it when the product works without the scent or colouring.


The brand in question is highly regarded in many areas and this guy is doing my head in with inane babble and even says why use a certain sealant when you can use a QD. I want to go out to eastern Europe and go round his house and slap him around the head while shouting, because... they... are... different... products....

Sorry all, rant over.