The Ford Capri was often referred to as the Mustang for Europe, offering a very similar package (a trendy coupé based from the average car, in this case the Cortina, for an affordable price) and ending up as a recognizable icon of the 1970s in Western Europe. The South Africans, however, went one step further and actually fitted a Mustang's 5-litre V8 in the lightweight Capri bodyshell. This impromptu Cobra/Tiger equivalent combined 239 net horsepower and 1090 kilograms, meaning it could speed up to 100 km/h in a supercar-like 6.7 seconds: a performance icon in its own right.


It's also remarkable to note that the publication this road test was taken from is not related to the British magazine of the same name. CAR of Cape Town was started in the 1950s, some years before the London rag. It still exists and published other road tests I intend to share here in the future. When the London rag arrived to South Africa, it renamed itself TopCar.

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