This past weekend, I rented a Porsche Cayman in LA with my girlfriend. We spent two days just cruising around checking out some local restaurants and some potential apartments followed by a third day of Canyon carving out to Malibu. This car served us quite well and made the trip more enjoyable for sure. The thing I liked the best was just how solid the car felt and that the suspension was not uncomfortable but still handled really well. Steering, clutch, and throttle inputs were all as responsive (or more) than my Miata, which I typically never get out of rentals. The biggest thing I noticed though was the perception of speed in this car.

For some reason, the Porsche never actually felt much faster/quicker than my own car. It didn’t have mind-melting acceleration or brutal delivery of power. But it certainly is significantly faster, louder, and meaner. This car is like a Miata, but with balls. However, if I paid attention to the speedometer rather than the feel of the car, I could quickly notice how the car got to 80mph much faster than anticipated and still had plenty to go. This car begged to be beat on to get up to speed and it truly performed when not babied around.

Front trunks are the best!


Since the car is mid-engined, there actually was a front trunk and a rear trunk so it was quite practical for grocery shopping. I went into the trip thinking that the car would be harsh, have no space for things, and just be a frivolous car to to enjoy for the weekend. But I learned that this could really be quite the practical daily driver (assuming it’s reliable enough). No idea on the gas mileage since it wouldnt fill past 3/4 tank but it couldnt have been that low.

What are these??


There were some other odd things about the car. Like the power-retractable spoiler on the rear, left side of the steering wheel ignition cylinder, and that weird button thing on the roof. Still no idea what that did. I did click the buttons but nothing seemingly happened. It was also odd having reverse Up and left on the shifter, I did mix up first and reverse a couple times in parking lots leading to confusion momentarily. Overall though, it was a normal sports car and provided a wonderful driving experience.