Ok, so while there probably isn't such a thing as THE perfect car, is there such a thing as a car that could be called perfect, in the sense that it fills out a specific niche so perfectly that there's little to nothing that could be designed differently to improve it? Are there multiple "quintessential" cars like that? If so, what are they? Are they all classics for being the first models to get a formula "right", modern offerings that perfect said formulas or a mix of both? Here's a pair I would definitely include in that list:


Now what are yours?

EDIT: Folks, do try to keep in mind, this isn't about your perfect car, or a car that would be perfect for your needs, it's about cars that completely fill out the formulas they were created to. What I'm trying to argue here, in the examples above, is that the 250 SWB and 911S are the perfect Ferrari and Porsche because they embody the spirit of their own concepts without fault or excess.