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Perfect(ish) Firebird

Well I have been looking and looking all weekend for the right Pontiac Firebird. I do have a list of requirements that make it hard to find one I would feel comfortable with spending the money on. Not that I have the money at the moment, but if I could I’d sell my GTO, 928, and Sprite for the right one. Well my requirements are: 1967 because they have the wing windows and the rest don’t, also ‘67 and ‘68 were the only years Verdoro green was offered which is the color I want (very hard to find), 400 ci engine because if I am going to buy a Firebird it isn’t going to have a damn Chevy engine in it and I want to build a Pontiac motor, bonnet RPM gauge, manual because of course and 4-spd not 3, and I would like a/c but could live without it. Well this 1967 has a 400, Verdoro, and a 4-spd. It is missing Ram Air, a/c, and the hood gauge. It is also $15k and in Upton :(... Yeah jeez these things are getting expensive. Adding what is missing, Ram Air Kit ($700), Vintage Air which is probably better than factory ($1340), and Hood Tach ($300), makes this a $17K car. Not too bad compared to most of them I see online. Do you think my bank will let me take out a loan for a car from 1967?


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