Also, wtf did I see yesterday driving home?

A dodge caravan opened the sliding door at a red light 2 cars ahead of me in the right lane. Light turns green and they barely go so as soon as traffic clears I hop over and pass. Door is still open so I look. There’s a guy with a big rig and a camera. After I passed, the new Camry that was in front of me cut someone off to get along the van and they drove about 35-40 mph (max because they disappeared from my mirror pretty easily with my cruise set at 55) in a 55 mph zone. They blocked a few cars for a while and eventually the Camry sped up and caught up to normal traffic.


Filming a commercial for a local dealership? There were a few in the area but they were domestic brands and the area was far from picturesque.

YouTube people? Maybe, but why?

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